Richard A. Keys, Managing Partner, Food And Drink Resources , Denver / Dallas
Richard A. Keys
“La Fruitière fruit purées and fruit coulis provides us here at Food And Drink Resources with the highest quality fruit possible for all of our food and beverage development needs. We can always trust that the quality and consistency in the fruit will deliver each and every time.”
Bruno Chemel, Chef / Owner, Baumé Restaurant, Palo Alto, CA
Bruno Chemel
“At Baumé we particularly like to use the Carrot Glacis from White Toque for the richness of its flavor, its thick, syrupy texture, and for its versatility. It has enhanced the flavor of different soups, purees, gelée, and even our sponge cake.”
Mike Short, Senior Buyer, Southern Foods, Greensboro, NC
Mike Short
“When sourcing new items for our chefs, I turn to White Toque first due to the wide variety of first quality products. Pricing is very competitive compared to other manufactures with similar items. Placing orders are a breeze and usually delivered within 7 days of ordering and will be delivered on the day I have requested. Their sales presence in the market place ensures our people and chefs they are getting what they need for their day to day operations or special events. Why go anywhere else?”
Jean-Louis Gerin, Chef / Owner, JEAN-LOUIS restaurant, Greenwich, CT
Jean-Louis Gerin
“Consistency is what I am looking for in a provider and White Toque is able each and everytime to deliver an excellent product.
No quality up and down, no excuses .. simply great and reliable products and service.
Academie Culinaire de France, President, Academie Culinaire de France, Greenwich, CT
Academie Culinaire de France
“Academie Culinaire de France is proud to partner and recommend White Toque for its quality product and consistency.
Look for White Toque label in your supermarket ... and cook like an Academicien.”
Lynn Throssell, VP Sales & Marketing, The Peterson Company, Auburn, WA
Lynn Throssell
“As a Specialty Food Distributor with a diverse customer base, we can always count on White Toque, Inc. to provide great solutions for our chefs and retailers. The products are innovative, of the highest quality and the breadth of the product line is impressive. Their sales and marketing staff, whether national, regional or local are always ready to help and support at a moment's notice. Our sales representatives know they can count on them and trust them. White Toque could have written the book on Quality and Service and we are proud to be a true partner with such a fine company!”